Rustic and contemporary interior

Most of us can not avoid thedesire to decorate our homes with the latest trends and yet, when we considerwell what we want our home we miss that touch warm, welcoming and family whocan only provide more styles Traditional.

How to merge two suchcontradictory desires? Decorated with intermediate moves between modern andrustic. Here we have some great ideas, to do so.

The truth is that despite seemingvery simple not so when we get to work, so having
some basic ideas about what to doand what not to do is fundamental.

Here are some recommendations:

- No more rustic spaces wheredarkness prevailed, because today have a well-lit home is a privilege.Maximizes natural light through the large windows with clear shades, colored tohelp spread light and elements that accomplish the same goals (mirrors).

- The use of bright colors alsoserve to break the traditional rustic and add a little life into space, so donot hesitate to use in ornaments, textiles and even the odd piece of furniture.

- Combine some very white wallscoated with other rustic materials such as wood or stone, for example. Thechimneys (real or false) or stone columns, for example, also provide warmth tothe atmosphere.

- The decorative beams in theroof are one of the key elements to give the more rural touch to any room andadd a special touch to the neutrality of white advised you above.

Ultimately, the key to thischarming decoration is find the balance between the two styles: combiningfurniture, coatings, colors and decorative rustic modern style is the best wayto go.