Textiles for spring

Curtains, cushions, bedspreads,sheets change the elements textiles from home is one of the best ways to renewthe image of our farms each season in an easy, fast and above all economic.

In this sense, if you want to adda touch of light and color to your home thanks to them check out what we tellyou and not wait any longer to let in some fresh air!

Trends Color for these dates thatenters the heat and head for some time tones and bright light, so every year aslight shades like white, raw and cake will still have a role but so will acidscolors such as pink, green, yellow or orange, for example.

Again they will both simplerversions patterned monochrome and in other printed most original motifs such asflowers, stripes, polka dots, natural motifs or geometric shapes, for example.

And not only this, because ifthat was not enough we offer a great idea to add a note happy and carefree toany space: the combination of colors and patterns on surfaces, not only betweendifferent pieces (sofa cover, cushions, curtains ...) but also in each elementby itself decorative techniques such as patchwork.

The idea we like is definitely tocombine several patterns with different colored cushions on the sofa completelysmooth (and single-color) then give some color to focus the attention of thewhole space.