Decorate with wooden mats

The world of decoration isreaching limits that never before could have imagined: heaters that seem boxes,beds with all sorts of ways, original multi-functional furniture and now woodcarpet for our rooms.

Yes, you read correctly, becauseone of the latest trends in decorating is to replace the traditional cloth rugby a rigid wooden lost not only comfort but also gains in design.

Use one of these rugs could beconsidered as very similar to placing a coating stage, although this time wecan avoid the investment and work involved in doing work to install one ofthese.

The functions of the carpet ofwood are the same as those of any of the traditional: define spaces, providewarmth to the environment, hide defects soil (stains, wear, etc…) and generallyearn points to decorate the rooms.

If that was not enough, this typeof carpet also offers some advantages over life-like having an easiermaintenance (mop and shine from time to time) or concentration to eliminate ofmites and microorganisms that can cause us allergic.

Could actually be classified into two types different:

- Slats: Combine wood from various sources, styles and colors thatare joined together with the use of polyurethane adhesives. Some of them arealso combined with textile strips to give a more original design.

- Fragments triangular: These original carpets originated in Germanyand are made ​​by the union of several triangular pieces of wood cut with laser.With that, the carpet of wood loses normal stiffness and a touch that does makea difference to the rooms.

A proposal we love us and you,what you would place one of these in your home?