Decorative wall

The color, style and decorationof our walls is one of the things we came to a head when planning the interiordesign of our home, and no doubt it is the largest and most visible surface ofour homes.

If you're already tired ofcombining the colors of the most popular paintings check out the news that wepropose, a sure convinces you!

Relax, because you are not goingto have to learn magic techniques to achieve these original findings on thewalls but only make you the right product.

- Effect Flax your walls seemcovered with wallpaper for your rough exterior of the textile imitation, but infact only has been painted with this paint matte deep. Available in a widevariety of colors, this painting is also available with decorative clayeffects.

- Metal Effect: Your walls will be incredibly smooth and shiny withthis metallic paint that will give a modern and trendy. Furthermore, not onlyavailable in traditional silver and gold but offers a wide variety of colorsthat are blue, orange, gray or green.

- Heather Effect: The looks of your wall look like the result of workof the best professionals, but in reality what you have done yourself in a way,so simple and easy as any other traditional painting. The effect of thisproduct will be that different colors of the same range in various intensitiesare combined on the wall with a style similar to the technique of spinal.

You can also find effectivegranite, stone, sand or industrial style. Other original options and fun thatyou had already spoken in interior are the magnetic paint or the blackboardeffect where you can leave your messages in chalk.

You can find most of the aboveproducts in decorating shops such as Leroy Merlin.