Home decor in black

When we think of decorating ourhouse, we try to do with the idea of creating a bright and comfortable. In thissense the colors that come to mind are all neutral in their ranges and clearer.But we must not forget that there are other colors that are very popular andwell combined can also bring a great vibe. This is the case of home decor in black.

There are several ways toincorporate the color black in ourdecor, the question is to measure the proportions not to be a dark anddepressing. If you decide to paint of the walls of a room in black, it willbecome the perfect foil to make it look very positive white furniture.Furthermore, a cabinet like the 1st picture looks much better on this fund on awall that is also white.

The same contrast will get it inreverse, leaving white or grayish funds, which will give the point of light, andfurnishing with black pieces, which are very elegant and sustained. Chairs,tables, and decorative items like lamps will add a modern flair to your home,if you decide to put them in black. These combinations can be incorporatedseamlessly into the rooms and in the bedroom, either the principal or anyindividual. To soften the effects you can opt for the wide variety of paper or painting techniques that willfacilitate the wall with black combinations look white and gray. Similarly, theblack soil is another option, but here we measure the proportion more thanever. Ideally, it would look framed on a wall chromatically combined or in acompletely smooth and clear. The effect of all black floor and wall can bequite drowned even phobic.