Tips for decorating a dining room

Whether through ignorance orsimply because our small apartments do not allow us to raise another option,most people still confuse the living room with dining room (or vice versa) orthink that one of the words directly involves the other.

But not so: in fact both spaces have very different purposeshowever can be integrated in a harmonious, if we present some concepts.

The living room is the space ofthe home also known as living or sitting room designed to relax individually orcommunication with others during free time. The dining room, mean while, hasanother clear goal: to become the place to grow the food.

How to integrate two suchdifferent objectives in the same space? Simply looking for the balance, andharmony decorative space while meeting the requirements of each one of them.

To give a sense of unity in thespace will be essential that you provide some common as is the style decorativetype of furniture (color, shape, range, etc…), or Color of decoration ingeneral.

However, defining both 'stays'visual levels are also advisable, if you have enough space. This had betterfind a way to separate them without a wall: the use of an intermediate elementbetween the two (like the couch or some plants) can be a good way to go.

There will be many other thingsthat you should make the difference between the two spaces as the issue oflighting. In this sense, the lounge area will require a more calm and quietthanks to a soft general light and somewhat subdued while the dining room (asany space where a particular activity is performed) will require a clearer andmore intense light aimed directly on the table.