A sofa for the garden hanging

When you think the world ofdecoration and no idea is able to surprise comes an incredible product designand get to leave you with your mouth open.

Well get ready, because if thisis your case without doubt going to a persist in foolishness you of what todaywe bring you: a highly pendant sofa that will give that touch eco, alternativeand exclusive to your home.

Want to learn more about thecouch of the image? We tell you the details below.

This model Nest Rest of interiordesign firm Fingering, a novel structure that moves between the sofa and thebed and will give a striking touch to any of your space: the structure ischaracterized by a curious form of raindrop round based on which is placed acomfortable mattress to ensure your moments of rest.

Made with a technique reminiscentof that of wicker baskets, these sofas are available in natural color or blackand can be decorated inside (mattress and cushions) with all kinds of colorsand patterns depending on your tastes ten or style of your decor.

As for your use, you can place iton a on the ground to use the traditional way, but you can also make use ofthis pendant top that lets you keep in the air either hanging from the ceilingor any of the branches of this enormous tree you have in the garden (must bevery resistant).

The measures will depend on howyou decide to place, but the basic structure and makes 260 centimeters tall(and 2 meters wide) that should add the 150cm 28cm pendant or the base.