Tips for decorating a large room

While decorating a small roomseem the task requires more effort and headaches, it is certain that decorate alarge room is a task not as easy as one might think.

Yes, because the amplitude of thespace can be both an advantage and a disadvantage and not knowing how todecorate can lead to errors. Here we leave some good tips that will help you tofind the balance in space, so take note and do not hesitate to suit yourdecorative process.

They are:

- Space: A room too full may be too cluttered and chaotic to the eyeand not to provide that feeling of relaxation you expect from this room, buttoo much empty space and minimalist can also be too cold and impersonal. Findthe balance of space to make it elegant and cozy at the same time.

- Zones: Now that you have this great space it is best to split, itin different areas so that the area of greatest activity (dining table) can bephysically and visually separate from that of rest (the sofa, reading corner,etc…), Can do so with the use of furniture, floors and up through the use ofcolor.

- Colors: You can afford all kinds of licenses, as in this case doesnot have to worry about the space look smaller. However, if you want to enhancenatural light and space it is best that you opt for light colors that will helpmultiply the natural light.

- Furniture: As you have no space problems do not need to fill theroom with these huge storage cabinets that reach the top of the roof. Take theopportunity to deliver better visual load of furniture making you a greatervariety but smaller.