Tips for placing a hanging hammock

There is nothing more pleasant tolie down and read a good book under the shade of the trees during a warm springafternoon, however, a fundamental need to ensure the comfort and well-being inspace: the sun or hammock.

If you also want to comfort acharming touch to your space, nothing better to decant for one of thosehammocks hanging fabric so often dreamed of having.

Now, how to put on our outerspace? Here we leave some good advice to do so.

1. Analyzes a perfect place whereyou want to place making sure that does not hinder the passage, that providesenough room to swing and the points to be secured are very robust so as not topose any danger.

2. Make sure the hammock comeswith iron chains and with each and every one of the key elements for hanging.While here you move some things, do not forget to read the instructions andfollow them exactly.

3. Select wood beams where thehooks will hang and all the sun: the distance must be intermediate, so that itis not too tight nor too loose, it would be uncomfortable. The height is mostrecommended to place about 2.5 meters , so be it more or less to about 50 cm ofsoil to let down in comfort.

4. Hold the hammock with fourstrings of six feet, two at the head end and two on the feet.

5. Once hung, make sure bothhooks and connections between strings and hammock are strong and resilient, youshould avoid any danger!

Since then, our advice is thatyou check the security of the hammock checking every six months the conditionof the wood on fixing the chains.