Area of study in youth bedrooms

On more than one occasion wewanted to give you some good advice about how to decorate the youth room foryour children, a fun task but rather more complicated than it seems.

 If that was not enough to consider the budgetwith which we or the tastes of our children we must also consider creating aspace for that are comfortable and where they can develop three types of keyactivities such as rest, leisure and study.

In the latter we want to focustoday, is that the study area in the youth room should be carefully designed toencourage the concentration without giving a cheerful and why not also fun.


Must have enough storage spacefor equipment, books and other items of stationery needed for tasks and a goodsurface on which to study or do homework.

If your computer needs too muchspace of the total area can position the screen in the bottom drawer area(usually in the corner) and thus have more space for written assignments.


Obviously we advise you to choosecolors that invite relaxation and concentration, as the most striking notinvite or something or other. The lavender helps calm the nervous system,promotes concentration and yellow light provided by white create conduciveenvironments for the study.


That is the area of study andconcentration does not mean it should be a real boredom, and that is actuallylinking this area to the seriousness and concentration required will not besomething that will interest your kids.

You can enliven the atmospherewith some tables to taste involved, with a lamp or other fun table accessoriessuch as colorful and original holders, the boxes or trays organizers.Organization is imperative that the space is always contained in concentratingand a more consistent work. To achieve this it is best to use organizationalelements such as drawers, shelves or cabinets to furniture and other usefulpoint as organizer trays or pots for pens, for example.

A good idea can be also put acork or a magnetic plate which leave important documents or notes about thingswe should not forget.