Planning reforms in the home

The passage of time makes itinevitable that sooner or later have to undertake a comprehensive reform insome rooms of our home, our furniture either because they are too worn orbecause the ever changing trends make us feel that we live centuries ago.

To carry it out, however, we musthave some basic knowledge to avoid errors in these cases can get out veryexpensive decorative and economically.

1. Analyze what you want: notworth making a small change that could cost us the same as the reform of the spaceproportionally.

2. Also check the status of yourfacility and take the opportunity to renew all the basic equipment that maysooner or later you see the need for change.

3. The planning is one of thefirst steps in any reform process: Good lighting, furniture placement, size,style consistency of the different areas of the room or between rooms in thehouse, etc….

4. Calculate the budget iscritical before lead to any reform, and we can not make predictions beyond ourfinancial means. Make your own book for managing the development expenditure ofyour funds and add about 10% on your forecast, because there are alwaysunexpected.

5. In an economic sense is alsovery important to take care of our money and our investment (underconstruction) both before and after the reforms: Compare estimates fromprofessionals, the final budget request in writing and make sure the companycan claim under the system Consumer Arbitration are key issues. Never give outall the final amount before the reform is over, they do not pay will be youronly asset against potential problems with the company (if you miss, if youmake the wrong reform, etc…).

6. Take advantage of periods of'low season' for some equipment like air conditioning or heating and not waituntil the last minute. In case you had not set, when demand goes down, so doprices.