Decorate with garlands of light

That gives us the impression thatthe lighting is a must in home decor influences most we pay even less attentionto the matter, so we do not know how to make the decorative potential of someof the resources we have to our reach.

One of my favorites are thegarlands with light, these cute decorative strips with small balls of woolwoven into one or multiple colors as well remaining in any of the corners of ourhome.

The lighting chains are in factan ideal resource for creating a more welcoming, intimate and romantic in anyof the spaces of our home, from the bedroom to the living room through any ofthe outdoor spaces like the garden, porch or the terrace.

Here we leave some decorating ideasto use in your interior, hope you like!

- Window: If you have one of those windows will be a wall flower thisto give you the perfect little touch lacking. Hang them from the top in itsfull extent and then drop them to the side like a curtain.

- Wall: You can hang from the ceiling in one of the corners of yourwalls, etc…, take a base point and begins to test the forms that you like inspace, only a matter of trial and error.

- Terrace: Locate the leisure or meeting of the terrace under thatbeautiful tree that you like and decorate with any of these casually hanginggarlands on its branches to get a really love.

- Table: As you see in the image, wreaths can even serve as acenterpiece in the most special evenings. Your guests will be impressed!

You see there are plenty of ideasfor decorating with them. In fact, almost anything is likely to be decoratedwith these beautiful lights, so you know. You just have to give free rein tothe imagination!