Decorate a flat for rent

If decorating an apartment andyou seemed a difficult task, think about the interior of a rent is doublycomplicated: Not only we have to adapt our tastes, space and the features ofour home, but also we must do so in a carefully and without major changes inthe apartment.

We say this because, as you knowmany of you have already signed a lease at one time, the contract terms tend toinclude clauses under which the tenant is not entitled to significant changeswithout the consent of the owner (or a hole on the wall!).

In addition, it may interest youeither make large investments given that the apartment is not your property.

If you want some ideas todecorate in a way original, simple and economical providing personality in themost subtle, take note!

- If the walls are white that youcan paint it your own, because if you ever have to let them leave the floor asbefore and fixed. If you bet on the target but you see it too bland andimpersonal breaks the monotony with a remarkable piece in each room located atthe focal point of each space.

- You change color or not, werecommend not changing the art of painting (simple, textured walls, Venetianplaster, etc…), since returning to retrieve it and would be more expensive.

- If you can not make holes inthe walls be creative and use decorative resources with unnecessary: ​​Thevinyl stickers and decorative, large mirrors upright on the floor or walls withoriginal paintings as slate or magnets are great ideas. You can also buyseveral boxes at very low weight frame and glue with putty.

- You love the ground floor butyou think a real horror: Use carpets to hide in the most important rooms,because these elements can also give a lot of style and spell to the spaces.

- The apartments for rent areusually very neutral and with little personality: Show who lives there andcreates a space that speaks to you with style furniture and accessories youlike, it is something that will disappear with you when you leave the floor.Catch it with the use of textiles, personal photographs, plants, lamps or partof the furniture, for example.

- Do not abuse the decoration, ifyou want to have to relinquish half when you return to move you in the future.