Decorative vinyl tile

If we stop to think of one of thethings that tends to change with the fashions as far as decoration is concernedprobably think, among other things, on the walls. Your bathroom is noexception, is that these beautiful tiles you to buy once have ended up goingout of fashion and become a real problem for the aesthetics of the space.

A few days ago you commented someideas for redecorating your bathroom on a budget, and today we add a neworiginal idea can be a great resource to get with little spending money.

These small vinyl decorative verydifferent themes that will help give a different and more modern touch to thetiles of your bathroom, on which will be attached. The decorative motifs likeflowers, prints, landscapes, animals or the icons of cities (like New York, forexample), among many others, make it a perfect decorative solution to replacethe boxes so little accustomed to place in the bathroom.

But in addition to changing theoutdated look of your bathroom these vinyl can also serve to give a touch ofcolor and fun to the baths of the smallest, hired to decorate the floors (whichgenerally can not work) and even to hide some flaws that may have appeared oncertain tiles.

You should know that this littlevinyl can be sold mainly in two ways: In packs with different designs (multipletiles) or a large composition that can occupy much of the wall.

While the first option will allowyou to distribute some sticker apparently spontaneous form, the second optionwill create a whole (a final image) from the small parts, making it a clearsubstitute for the tables used in other spaces.