A functional kitchen, different and spectacular

Today we would like to show you akitchen that caught my attention, in a fascinating way. We know the first thingobvious is its large size, and this is precisely one of the points thatcaptivated me. It is a cuisine that is built and designed to make life in it,something that you know that we love and that reminds me of old kitchens ,seeing they were relegated to the background by the buildings that were removedmeters to take other rooms in the house.

Fortunately, that trend is toturn around, and it seems that in the construction of the kitchen now becomes aprotagonist and we can think of it as one more of the house in which to live.You can see it consists of an island, but unconventional. This island is notcentral nor is intended to facilitate the work of the cook this island isdesigned with the basic kitchen items already integrated, so you can cook in ithaving everything at hand, but at the table occupied by the preferred area ofstay.

It is a kitchen for families toenjoy, in the hours before dinner, where you can savor a snack with yourfamily, and is also ideal for other tasks throughout the day, such as homeworkor office work. As you can see, just a blank wall, which communicates with therest of the house, as others have built almost in a glass, which, together withthe white of its walls and the skylight on the table, are a perfect team inlighting. Small details like the front wall board help to provide you withthese tasks.