Modernize the bathroom

If you live in an apartment whereyou think the bathroom is outdated and not get bogged down thinking about thevery great work you have to do. Sometimes the solution is more in all the ideasthat can be collected in throwing the entire bathroom and start from scratch.Another thing is if you need and includes pipelines or change aspects asimportant as this. If you're looking to give a fresh and modern look to yourbathroom will give you some ideas for you to reduce expenses to a minimum.

 If your wall is tiled entirely,something that had long before, you can take advantage and pull only half up,thus, get a high plinth, which is very modern, and you can decorate with aborder. If the tile is smooth, you can paint the other wall in the same tone,will give you more sense of space that if you put another tone.

If, on the contrary, the tile isdrawn, take the opportunity to paint with the lighter shade of the combinationthat takes your picture. In any case, it is preferable that before the paint appliqu├ęs,a protective sealant layer and then paint. As an area with high humidity andcondensation of vapor, looking for special paint some brands have brought tomarket, are called anti-moisture and mildew.

Soil is one of the most agingbath, if you have to change it takes to give a touch of color and modernity.Thus, creating contrast, you get to the toilets and faucets look like new.Remove the door to a cabinet or install a couple of shelves will be free enoughto place wicker baskets, in addition to decorating, it is useful to keep towelsand other supplies.