Window dormers

Many attics have no windows,which is very interesting to install an opening so you can get much naturallight as air, as this will also be used as a bedroom, study area or site ofgames without having to with the electric light on all day. To place a windowin the attic to keep in mind that we need to ensure tightness and each windowmust have special fences or flashing to fit corrugated roofing (like tile) orsmooth (like slate), depending on type of roof you have in your home. Thesefences improve the isolation and facilitate drainage of rainwater.

As for the window itself,finishes used are aluminum, PVC and wood treated specifically for this,although the latter is used much less. Whatever the material chosen, it isimperative to resist the different climates, whether hot sun or rain or windstorms, as being directly on the roof exposure is greater than normal windows.

There are different types ofwindows to attic, classified chiefly by the kind of opening they have, but wemust also take into account the type of roof slope to choose either model. Thedifferent types are:

-Tilt: turn allows the window, which facilitates cleaning the exteriorglass. The only drawback, we have is that when you open the glass is halfinside the room, so you should be careful not to give any hit.

-Swivel: rotating about a central axis, which gets a 180 degreerotation for easy cleaning.

-Projecting: open outwards, which favors the evacuation of water andincreases the free space in the room.

-Lateral: opens outwardly from one side. It is the most practical ifyou regularly access the roof for any reason.