Decorate high beds

The raised beds a few meters ofthe roof are one of the great solutions for bedrooms with a few meters.

Measures available in individual(child or adult) and also in their version of marriage, the bedrooms are asuccess with which to accommodate almost anything you would like included inthe room.

If you already have one of theseor were thinking of buying please spend five minutes to this article, you'll begreat to get some ideas!

To start you thinking about therole you want to give the space, it is not the same considering the room as asingle place to relax or for the game to do it as a place of rest and work at atime.

So much for some as for others,here we leave some decorating ideas:

- Leisure area: Nothing better to take advantage of the ample spaceunder the bed to locate a recreational area according to your own tastes. Youcan create your reading corner, your playground (with the console, for example)or a space meeting to talk with your partner or your friends. Of course, powerthe light for that space does not look too off and be sure to place thetelevision (if available) so as not received by the light reflections.

- Area of study: It's a great idea for all those who have yet to sinkelbows, for those who work from home or for those who simply need a place whereyou put your computer. You can place a desk accompanied by several shelves anddrawers that will also serve to store all sorts of things.

Of course, keep in mind that theentry of natural light is essential to work at home in the space and theartificial also must form in space.

- Storage: You can completely dedicate space to place storagecabinets, or combined with the above described areas for further exploitedspace. The cabinet, shelves or drawers some will be essential, although you walkwith eye if you do not want the space look cluttered and be overwhelming tostay because, remember that after all is a place to rest.

- Comfort: A great idea for those who always dreamed of one of theseand never had enough space. You can cover the space with a cute curtain andhang some shelves inside the three sides of the cabinet to hang your clothes(wooden or cloth) and place a chest of drawers and a mirror to. You know, thelarger the bed is bigger your closet!

- Playground: This space can be great resource to create a veryspecial place for children, a haven of games where to unleash the imaginationand a perfect place to store your toys without the room is constantly messy.You can create a space theme with a cloth covering that gives the appearance ofa castle, a pirate ship or a tree house, for example.

- Double room: If you have a single room to share these bedrooms area great idea, and you can place the beds 'cross' to give a different touch tothe bunks while taking advantage of the space. The idea is to place theheadboard of the bed on the lower wall wider and use the remaining space if youwant to place a small closet or drawer, for example.

Can you think of any otheroriginal idea?