Give a twist to the decor without spending money

Redecorating the home in times ofcrisis is not something many families can afford, and that is an added expensethat can not be considered strictly necessary and which therefore can not begiven priority.

However, when we spent many hoursat home for many years feel a strong need to turn to the decoration renew theenvironment that eventually saturate.

Easy, you do not need to get incostly reforms to achieve. You just have to think what kind of changes can makeyou see space differently and allow only some minimal expenses actually notice.

You can take advantage to do soon those occasions where you need to repaint the walls of your home, for there bythe change will be larger.

In this sense, the first advicewe could give you is to carry out a color change quite radically and bet-toneclear and strong that can restore vitality to any space in your home.

Similarly, we recommend that ifat the time you used painting techniques such as Venetian stucco textured wallsor delete them from the wall (if you do it yourself will not cost you a penny),because not only are not fashionable but also not allow you to decorate yourhome with wall to economic motifs such as stickers or clothing, for example.

It also builds you have to moveall the furniture around to rearrange them in space, for changing thedistribution will also cause the appearance of stay largely renewed.

The textiles are also animportant element. Rescue those saved in the closet in previous years (providedthey are not too old fashioned), buy some cheap super markets or sales periods,and if you are good at sewing, to encourage you to buy fabrics and themyourself to save money. Just do not do a mix with everything you have on hand,try to follow a line to achieve harmony in space.

If you had no natural element inthe room used to incorporate some plants and flowers, give an amazing life tospaces!