How to organize the laundry room

Gallery, utility room, laundryroom, although known for a lot of different names, the small space for washingtasks that have many of the existing apartments is always an advantage and anoutlet at the time of organizing the elements of the rest of home.

We say this because, like many ofyou might have experienced in your own meat, place the appliances and otheritems of this field in other areas of the home can become a nightmare.

Easy, because any small space youhave will be enough to solve this issue.

Whether this space is attached tothe inside of the kitchen or is set as a space independent foreign organizationas the mode is probably very similar.

First make a list of appliancesand utensils that you'll need for the job, second you will simply place theelements in space.

Washer, dryer and cord forhanging (in the waist or head height to avoid hazards) are the parts necessaryin space, but probably would not hurt to also reserve itself storage space(like a cabinet, shelf or shelves ) in order to always localized and essentialelements such as hand washing products, the pegs or hooks for hanging.

The method of attachment dependsbasically on the space available, but you have to consider it as the basic needto enter the space: If you do not fit side by side the only option is to placeone of the two above, preferably one that going to use more (the machine)because this way you will avoid having to bend down so often.

As a final tip, only tell youthat you try to keep the space become a place of storage of the rest of thehouse. Keeping order is critical!