Oriental style terrace

The materials, the elements ofnatural inspiration or plants are some of the keys to spaces decorated inoriental style get a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility that allows usto completely disconnect from the outside world.

If you have a small outdoor spaceas a terrace or a balcony and would like to have a space just like the abovedescription takes note of these tips and get to work. With little terrace get a100%-inspired East!

The main thing is to take intoaccount the type of materials that require these spaces, which make use of thewood, the stone and plants as basic decoration.

To start you can cover the floorwith a good stage of treated wood to hide the original soil and give it a verynatural base.

As in all outdoor spaces, you musthave an eastern terrace space for rest, relaxation and leisure: Find the bestlocation to place a table and some chairs or seats of a type of wood the sameor similar to the pavement and covering the seats with some very natural fabriccushions (cream, bone, etc…) to give them comfort.

The plants are essential inspace. For election must take into account not only the most aesthetic but alsothe most practical considering, your chances and also the characteristics ofthe plants themselves, which must be adaptable to the climate in your area.

Some of the most popular examplesare the bamboo, azaleas, bonsai, lilies, ferns, daffodils, cherry blossoms,chrysanthemums, moss and some climbers like wisteria or Japanese wisteria,among others.

The water is almost anotherelement essential to the eastern exterior, so if you have a minimum of space, donot hesitate to put a fountain, waterfall or small mini-pond surrounded byrocks and plants.

If you have larger spaces canalso encourage you to create your own oriental-style garden.