Retro furniture with auto parts

You may have more than once beenimpressed by this beautiful retro furniture so much we would like to haveeveryone at home. But it is quite possible that you've crossed a few times withsome original furniture and accessories such as those we present below.

These are the original creationsof Catalan design studio Bel, which result from the more nostalgic inspirationoffered for sale some furniture items that bring us the sweet air of decadesago.

To get the chairs and sofas thatoffer us comfortable and maintain their traditional structure, but this timebuilt on structures that once belonged to recycled old model cars SEAT 600(Model D) type motorcycles and Vespa, for example. The idea is certainly agreat way to fuse design and recycle the most creative way.

The sofa is the one made ​​withthe front of this car, so that the padding in garnet is supported on the noseof a 600 white, logo and headlights included. If only your base and you seemdramatic, what would you say of the mini bar in the back or with 160 stereopower bat?

The desk chairs are also paddedleather in maroon and orange, highly ergonomic for comfort and an adjustableseat thanks to a hydraulic spring. Is the base? The front of the charmingVespas with which so many have dreamed paesani for the ride to the beach or thecity in beige, red or silver, for example.

Find more designs, and contactinformation on the website of Bel.