Choose the colors for furnishing the living room

When installed in a flat orwanting to redecorate one of the aspects that are going to say the people in,it is the color chosen to furnish each of the rooms, and we must keep in mindthat a colorful varied and cheerful is not limited to any of them.

If you like the colors alive youcan use in each and every one of the spaces of your home, because choosing themis a pure matter of taste, although it is true that each color brings andevokes different feelings. That is why the chosen color says as much aboutourselves as we are all different in character and feelings, and we need todecorate with the intention of creating a space for our measure, that it cozyand comfortable.

The general rule says that warmcolors like orange, red and yellow are associated with the strength and energy(but some people find them irritating and weary), the cool colors like greenand blue are associated with relaxation and rest (but some people they findboring), the black is a color that, in general, quite funeral (but also verysmart and not everybody passes on the bad sense), white is the symbol of purityand cleanliness (but some people find it very monotonous).

Ultimately, choosing the colorsfor furnishing your living room will always be a personal matter that meets thepersonal feelings that each tone produced in you. In the image illustratingthis post can be viewed as a living light walls and dark furniture, the varioussensations of each color the pass-on like this green carpet, as of summer, youcan easily change on the other in colder seasons.