Hoods for the kitchens

The fume hoods in the kitchenhave become one of those essential equipment for any kitchen, and today thatbesides being essential for ventilation of the space may also be some elementsalmost decorative.

These pumps are not reallyanything other than fans who inhale the smoke, grease and odors that are aresult of the actions in the kitchen, where indeed they are.

Today, the truth is that most ofthe fans are quite decorative whatever their range. That is why the mostdifficult choice will be a technical level, because in this sense we must askmore than the exterior.

To begin, you should be awarethat there are two types of basic bells aspiration and those with a filtersystem. The first makes the air go out of the kitchen through a drainage systemwhile the latter clean the air and returned to the kitchen space.

We could also differentiatebetween bells wall of island or recess. The first two systems are the mostcommon and visible, while the latter are those who spend more unnoticed thanksto the ceiling or the furniture that cover. You can obtain bells integratedsocket, found in a cabinet, or telescope, with a removable visor for the timeswhen it is used.

In the most aesthetic todayshould count ourselves lucky about, is that there are a variety of styledesigns very simple and minimalist in materials such as copper, steel, glass,aluminum or brass, among others. Also, if over time you get tired of yourchoice can change your coating to give a new style: Enamels, lacquers, vinyl orpaint will help with the work.

As parting advice, choose thematerials that you find easier to clean and also models with light, it issomething to be thankful when you're cooking.