Take advantage of space with portable modules

When we talk about interior decorating, one of the mostfrequently requested is to maximize the useful square meters we have in ourhome, especially if it's apartments or new flats, which are those with lessspace per room. For this reason, more and more the ideas that emerge and todaywe want to show you, with this photograph, how you can take advantage of a room that is within walking distance of theroom.

This bedroom has a few square meters, just enough to place the bed, sidetables and wardrobe. If your access is done from the side door by the classic,very little you have left the site from the foot of the bed to the wall, there byprecluding the possibility of placing comfortable or other furniture to put theTV. As you can see in the picture, this time it was decided to open the wall tothe room, and keep your privacy by means of aesthetics and blind doors paintedwhite, which will put a drawn aluminum, which are consistent with the decor ofthe room.

Thus, you will spend your days byday in a modern room, with doorsclosed and perfectly integrated into the decor, and at night, simply turn thecart is to guide the TV to the bed, if your taste and watch TV. This type offurniture you can find individual and tailored to the decor you already have,or they may belong to a set of modules that allow you to go zone varying themaccording to your needs. The same applies to the bedside table that can fitperfectly into the sofa during the day, as a sort of tray that is held in abeautiful structure of steel, also on wheels.