Choose fabrics from home

One of the elements that tend totake the role of our rooms are the textiles, and the multitude of textures,colors, patterns and materials allow each space to take a personality otherthan that very often coincide with our tastes and our own style.

However, to ascertain the need tochoose them more than just your own taste, want to know some of the keys? Donot miss this article!

To begin you must take intoaccount the specific characteristics of each room, and the amount of light, thestyle of furniture, the dimensions of the room, the color of the walls and eventhe traffic, it can affect the final visual outcome.

Basics: There are always one or several dominant elements in theroom textiles such as curtains, bedding or sofa. The best advice is to opt forplain fabrics as base, so you can give full color printed fabric on accessories(cushions, foot bed, blankets, chairs, etc…). This result also convenient toinnovate supplement vary easily, cheaply and quickly whenever you please.

Color: The color of the rooms says about the person who has beendecorated and is a major brand personality of your homes, and are able toconvey a feeling everyone who passes by it. Considering both, the light colorswill always look for cleanliness, relaxation and freshness, while dark willmark formality, elegance and sophistication for the more cheerful young spiritnothing better than some flashy colors (pink, violet, red, orange, etc...).

Light: You must make the most of, so that the light fabrics andlight textures will be the best dress for your stays.

Harmony: Although each room can be a world all rooms in the houseshould form a harmonious and balanced, which is achieved according to expertslooking for a thread that unifies the household fabrics (may be a particularcolor, a pattern or recurrent style, etc…).

Dimensions: larger spaces may be able to afford all kinds oflicenses, but in smaller spaces with eye andante need that, you know, toenhance the feeling of space should always opt for light colors that enhancelight.