Keys to an organized home

The home organization is criticalto creating spaces where we can feel comfortable and relaxed. Although it doesnot seem an easy task to keep our house in order, the fact is that fulfillingsome basic points you can get it with little effort.

If you have limited space orsimply are a disaster in this respect little attention, because we tell yousome good tricks to get it.

Places to get organized firstcreate clear spaces, light and give a sense of space and cleaning: You canpaint your walls in shades of light and look for ways to enhance the naturallight in space.

One way to do this is with thelocation of furniture: Try to have a minimum of furniture in the center of theroom and place them along the walls.

The compact furniture thatincorporates several one is also a great option to extend the available spacein the bedroom (bed, drawers, cupboards, etc…). It is also important to lookfor furniture and simple straight lines and that they are highly functional(including multifunctional) for storage: Shelving separate spaces, cupboardsunder the stairs, ladders or boxes hidden under sofas, storage trunks thatserve as tables center. You see, creativity has no limits!

Despite the above, the fact isthat the most basic point is found only in your hands: Get rid of all thoseobjects that one day you thought essential but deep down you know that areuseless or meaning in your home decor and organizes those of you not able tobreak at specific locations (a bin for movies, a shelf just for books, a boxfor your accessories, etc…).

And you, what steps you use tohave a more organized home?