Paint rooms by location

The size of the rooms, theirheight, are bound, their roles. There are many things that we can rely on whenchoosing the color of the walls of our home and each of their rooms, some ofwhich may be already had mentioned earlier in interior.

This time we present one of theideas that may consider craziest and amazing to decide how to paint each room:The orientation as the basis of color.

According to experts, the cornerscan also be a good key to deciding which tones sit better in terms of naturalvariation of light during different times of day.

As most know, the light colorshelps make rooms more spacious and places more light while dark decrease thesize of rooms.

- North: The warm colors are a good choice to make in light andwarmth, so the orange, red and terracotta are a good choice for stays orientedto that destination.

- South: Here you will gain in breadth and depth, especiallycontributing to the cold and bright tones like white, blue and green in additionto provide more depth. Satin or glossy finishes also tend to give more light.

- This: If you are facing east stay will be more enlightened in theearly hours of the day, so Clarita tones like gray or off-white and pastelcolors from the range would recommend.

- West: While options can be varied, you can try a color palette ofcool tones.