Decorative strip for children's rooms

The child's bedroom should be a place for rest and for work, yes, butalso a fun place in which to give rein to the imagination.

To achieve this it is necessaryto purchase most original furniture, give you a lot of decorative elements andeven to spend money, so, how? Since we suggest an idea of interior original andeconomical in some cases you can even do it yourself at home: the decorative strip.

These are some of our thoughts:

- Flags: Consists of buying cloth or papers of different colors andpatterns, cut them in the form of triangular flags and place them along asingle smooth line.

- Garlands of paper or cloth: The idea thatallows for more possibilities is that despite being able to be purchased instores is best done manually at home with materials, shapes, colors and stylesthat you like. Some ideas are placed along a strip a few balls of paper cuts orheart shapes, and even feathers, if you like.

- Lighting chains: Unlike the above, these really cute strips withcolored dots on cloth or paper must be purchased in stores as we are nottrained to do work of such complexity without hazards (short or long term).

Remember that you can place thesedecorative strips in many different ways in the room, hanging from the ceilingfrom one end to another until in the canopy of the bed as a headboard in caseyou do not have or attached vertically or horizontally to the wall, forexample.

Then you have some images thatcan serve as inspiration.