Tips for choosing the dinner table

The dining table is the functional space of the home that aims toprovide a place to carry out meals and, incidentally, brings the familytogether to strengthen the interpersonalrelationships of its members.

While most would choose the wellat first sight and without regard to anything but their aesthetic appearance,the truth is that there are several practicalissues to consider when selecting the one that will become a player in ourspace.

Here we leave the two fundamentalissues:


- Square: They virtually the only option for small spaces, even ifyour family is small not really need more than this, so well, you will havemore space physically and visually (although it can be extensible the better).

- Rectangular: They are ideal for rectangular and spacious diningrooms are characterized not only by their forms, the ability to receive manyguests at once.

- Round: Given its size and shape, are best used in large rooms or atleast have a square shape. Although not too trendy, these tables encouragesocialization and family relations.


Is closely related to theprevious question, is that there are some tables that simply can not take upmuch space in the dining room as in the case of rectangular.

Although it seems that just abouta relationship between the size of space and the table, the question can alsobe seen from an aesthetic point of view:just as a large table will be burdensome and excessive in a small space, atable very small spaces seem too ridiculous meters.