The latest in interior design: horizontal showers

On occasion we said that theinterior subject is to constant changes always try to offer the best for ourhome. These improvements are often directly related to our comfort and welfare.This demonstrates the most innovative designs, we're seeing lately on sofasthat provide a great break, or in heating and air conditioning.

Technology, engineering anddesign come together to offer the best also in your bathroom. And when wethought that having a home sauna or jacuzzi was a great does not go, now wehave the latest in interior design: horizontal showers. A revolutionary new wayto give you the best feelings every time you get home after a stressful day. Apiece that will surely make the daily shower a true addiction.

While it may be of anothernationality, bit strange knowing that this wonderful horizontal shower is aninnovative idea of a German company, the cradle of great engineering. As youcan see in the picture, has 6 heads strategically placed, so that the stream ofwater falling on your whole body massage mode. These heads are programmable, soyou do not have to take care of nothing but lie down and enjoy this rain sonice.

Its design is modern and elegant,and its use is intended only to give you great pleasure, since the position isnot the most appropriate for personal hygiene. Thinking about it, you can seethat the bottom piece is left free wall so you can take the cock in his handand showering vertically, the traditional way. A new concept in shower thatwill make your home better not envy any of the spas.