Modern bathtubs without tiling

Many years ago a house wasequipped for those elements whose purpose was purely functional, so thatmanufacturers were engaged in selling household products only covered the needsfor which they were made: beds, kitchens, and a host of articles with time theybegan to take different shapes and designs to make way for what is now known ashome decoration or interior.

One of the rooms where more thanit took to incorporate tight-art articles on the latest trends was the bathroom,a space that has long been undeserving fashion and only meant as a place tocarry out the daily routines of hygiene and physiological, not paying moreattention to design make them look toilets, occasional furniture and otherdecorative objects.

Fortunately now this no longeroccurs and the bathrooms today are a more of household who is given the sameimportance as any other decorative room. Proof of this are the baths withouttiling that are so fashionable lately, a vintage kind of regression in the lastdecade has varied styles and forms. The first designs imitated those old-stylesfirst and now her designs are extended to a wide range. modern bathtubs freeinstallation are designed to satisfy the most varied, and their placement isnot limited only to the middle of the bathroom , but can also lie close to thewall but without presenting any tiling. In terms of design, you'll find classiclines, minimalist, most ornate and to simulations of ancient stone and originalpiece of a more rustic.