Systems to save water at home

Beyond the aesthetics of thehome, when we are in the process of reform and decor of our home we shouldthink of measures that will allow us to save and to partake of respect for theenvironment.

In this sense, the water savingsis essential in the home. Want to know what tools and systems can help basebeyond your daily habits? Here we have some of them, and pointing and startdoing these small reforms at home.

- Plumbing ecological: You forget about double taps traditional hotand cold water and pick one of those taps that mix the water before leaving thetap. If this amounts to a flow restrictor, water savings may be up to 50%.

- aerator taps: These are small devices that are placed inside the taps(in the outlet water) and mix the water with air to reduce the consumption ofthe first without reducing comfort, since the feeling of quantity is the same .Plus they are very economical these pieces will save up to 50%.

- Water saving systems in the toilet: It is best done with a tankthat has that double button to choose the amount of water that is required ineach case (discharge of 3 or 6 liters, for example, but can also be controlledwith faucets that limit the filling of the tank or counterweights to reduce theamount of water that empties tank.

- Mangos echo-stop: These shower handles have a button 'stop' thatallow running water to stop for a moment (while you soap, for example) andrestore it back to the same temperature and power in order not to restart wastewater or amenities.