The beauty of wood in the décor

You will love wood and you cannot help that if you notice a material that has many possibilities for use inhome decoration. Whether a hardwood, natural or treated, and even aging, as wellas to star designs furniture walls or ceilings. Wood is a material that hasbeen used for centuries and recently returned to regain presence, even withmore modern materials.

His return is so notorious thateven being re-used in the construction of modern houses in which reassesses thetraditional lines of the log cabins, but with more modern designs and cuttingedge. Timber treated very polished and well serving both roofing to walls,beams and columns. The result is spectacular, while very convenient and if youcombine light with glass walls through which you can enjoy a unique landscape.

In a much more rustic, wood isessential to provide the most authentic atmosphere. Thus we can see it in thisroom that is mounted on top of the house. A charming spot in the purest style"Heidi" with small window included. A very secluded room from whichyou can also enjoy the first rays of sun from the bed, and an option that youobviously want to avoid if a blind or a thin blind of wood. Whatever theirorigin, treatment and disposal ultimately, the beauty of wood in home decor isa must for me everything. The ideal materials to create your corner with charm,beauty and warmth, and always able to adapt to your every need.