Home decor for fans of Lego

They say that inside every adultalways remains a bit of the child we once were, and some must be when somedesigners have to work to keep that child like spirit. On occasion, we haveseen beds and other decorative items for fans of adventure, tales ofprincesses, or a particular sport, and usually for the smallest of the house.

In the case before us, talk abouthome decor items for fans of Lego, and as you can see not intended forchildren, precisely. The pieces of the famous game of Lego construction servedto create a multitude of designs and even small towns. In many cases thesecreations are part of an ingrained fondness by many adults, who then presenttheir designs as a figure to stand out in your home.

For now this passion goes a stepfurther and, as you can see from the pictures, starting from the initialrectangular shape of any Lego piece, and always with the cylindricalprojections, have created a multitude of articles intended entirely to theinterior. Great designs as coffee tables, chests for toys, shoes or dirtyclothes, and sofas that you can go to the changing shape. Very prominent andoriginal models that leave no doubt, what your true passion.

But the thing is not there, sincein a size close to reality, they have also created a multitude of objects thatyou can put in every corner of your home, even covers for USB. Very personaldetails such as soaps, candles, calendars, ice pans , cutlery and fridgemagnets are some of the many items you can find to decorate your home and letthat inner child enjoy the decor.