Separate spaces in a loft without spending money

The apartments type loft with nowalls dividing the space have become very fashionable in recent years not onlyby the fact that some ships and warehouses have been converted into homes butalso because the removal of walls is gain distance on the tiny homes.

But decorating a loft is not aseasy as it sounds either at decorative or economic level, then find new ways todivide the space in a practical way can get out very expensive if we have noidea how.

Here we are some tips to findcheap ways of decorating for such homes.

First you have to consider whatare the ways of furniture that will allow you to define different spaceswithout going over budget and a very practical way: the colors, the walls andfurniture are some of the best ways to get it.

Separate areas of the home usingdifferent colors for each area (kitchen, living room, bedroom ...) can be usedto define the spaces with the minimum investment and we would actually paintthe home, but can be somewhat excessive and unsightly, if use colors or color contraststoo flashy and if we do in lofts of dimensions too small.

A good idea to do so is bychoosing discrete tones of a same range of different intensities and color onour walls also use other items such as wallpaper or decorative murals, forexample.

Finally, some furniture can alsoserve as essential elements of division: the couch mediate between the livingand dining room, the dining table between lounge, kitchen and a large shelf cancover the space of the bedroom for extra privacy.