Colors to decorate the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the fewrooms in the house that serves two often conflicting goals: On one hand, it'sone of those rooms for relaxation, but the other is also a commonly used andtherefore must be very functional and practical.

Thus, the decoration should bedesigned to the last detail to suit the requirements and objectives of space.The colors that we attach to the role.

Here are some ideas to let youchoose the colored bathroom according to your goals.

This is what you should do if youwant a bath.

- Energizing: If you are someone who considers the bathroom as aplace of passage merely functional and focus your activities on it especiallyin the morning nothing better to use colors that fill you energy like pistachiogreen, yellow or orange. Remember to combine with a neutral like white or blackin furniture, walls and all kinds of accessories.

- Relaxing: To do this you should choose soft colors and nothingstrident that contribute to a serene space that invites disconnection. Some whocan help you get are the natural colors range from brown (toasted, sandy, etc…),or gray tones combining multiple range or contrast with lighter shades likewhite or beige.

- Shining: If you want to go into your bathroom is like a breath offresh air not hesitate to bet on the white as main color of the decor, though,accompanied in some detail by one or two secondary colors.