Prepare the home for baby's arrival

Having a child is one of the mostspecial moments of our lives, that moment when the world goes into thebackground to give prominence to the baby who will become the reason for theparents.

And as our children there to takecare of long before his birth, if you're waiting for the baby or have it justshould not think about it more to put the home making it a nice and safe forthem.

Maybe you have already steppingup with some things, but are you sure that you do not miss anything?

Here we leave some things you cannot ignore the welfare of your littlest depends on it!

- Room: It's probably the first thing you thought, and it is evidentthat it is the illusion that makes some parents. Choose bright colors whilerelaxing lighting plans and their focal point choose a beautiful and functionalfurniture, not the room visually recharge and prepare a good space for toys. InInterior you can find lots of ideas and tips for baby's room.

- Security measures: It is imperative to understand that every smalllittle thing may pose a serious threat to our defenseless children. Some thingsto fix before their arrival can be bars windows, remove from view all thedangerous elements (stitching, which are at a considerable height, etc…), roundthe corners of furniture with protective, protect hurdles inputs and outputs ofthe stairs, cover plugs or make insurance so they can not open the drawers.

- Hall: But not just your bedroom and have walkways, because a keyspace such as meeting room must also reserve a space for baby to play quietlyon the floor without getting cold and safely around .