Enjoy a private bar at home

In recent times, out for drinksare a fact that many people no longer enjoy as before. Whether the ban onsmoking in enclosed public places, or by the crisis, which has greatly reducethe number of people on the premises, or, because the usual crowded by thebottle has greatly decreased the quality of the environment.

Therefore, more and more peopleare opting for home meetings, which also becomes more appealing with age,because when we're becoming "puberty" the vision of the nightlife isfar from the years ago.

For those who love the glasses donot want to give up the purest essence of a typical environment, the idea to beable to enjoy a private bar at home, thus you have the visual sensation andspace decoration typical use, while the rules and bans you put them, like theenvironment, since only those who are your friends have access.

Personally, we have a friend whohas ridden so well in his garage, where he built a small bar with stools, and awall equipped with everything needed to enjoy an evening there very selectiveand personal . Football matches have secured environment.

Needless to say this"bar" does not work as such, but a decorative style very original orchargeable where nobody works. The meetings are organized with a fund where allparticipants contribute the prescribed amount, and any of them goes to theinside to serve what he wants at all times.

An idea that seems to only beable to make a few but ultimately is an investment that goes bad if you takeaccounts. If you do not have the appropriate space, you can always take yourlast home if you have a bar and wet bar.