Pastel decor

The colors we choose for eachroom of our home will largely determine a variety of sensations that weperceive. In this regard include the illusion of greater or lesser extent, thewarmth, lighting, and even ability to relax and disconnect from stress. It istherefore essential to select each of the tones more suitable for each space inorder to always obtain a comfortable environment while aesthetic.

Generally, the strong shadesoften tiring over time, while also give some choking sensation, although in theretro decor are indispensable. The colors most commonly used are the neutral onwhich then allowed to stands some detail to rise a little more color. Thishappens especially when you opt for a monochromatic decor which adds anothertone to break the monotony.

As for the pastel shades havealways been used in the rooms destine to children, and this first stage weusually relate. May be that's why we are not accustomed to incorporate them inother rooms like the living room or lounge. And as you can see in the picture,this type of color can be very aesthetic, comfortable and ideal for a space foradults or the whole family.

The key is proportion. In thiscase, part of a neutral line where the wood and white are the basis of thedecoration. The Kashmiri carpets in pastel shades take the baton to bring thosenotes of color more gentle than merry. This carpet is the one that will allowpeople to incorporate items such as pillows, vases, lamps, going in differentparts highlighting and always with success, since all of them are included inthis central axis.