Solutions for very small homes

The current economic crisis has made​​most of us do not even to consider access to one of those huge houses thatwill allow us to decorate as we please (and never better).

In fact, most just preferring bythese mini-stories that do are very welcoming, but also too difficult todecorate. If this is your case check out what you have, because we have somegood ideas to help you make the whole game a few meters which accounts to createyour dream home.


- Compact Furniture: There's something for every room, from thebedroom to the kitchen or bathroom. Furniture is seeking to make the most ofconcentrating so many basic areas of the room as possible in the smallest space, a good example is the compact youth bedrooms, comprising beds, bedroom andeven in little more desk space than usually occupy a traditional bed frame.

- Multifunctional furniture: Those that serve several purposes in asingle object, making them very useful for these spaces. The sofa beds, sofasand beds with drawers below and up the trunks (used as a table and for storage)are good examples.

- Folding Furniture: They are another terrific ideas today, and thatsome elements such as tables, desks and beds to disappear almost completelyfrom the space (occupying just a few inches) when not in use.

- Decorate unoccupied: Not that you should be minimalist, butcluttering your space with too much ornamentation not only reduce the visualspace but also the physical. Converts some key elements such as lamps or rugson the characters and adds some decorative elements that do not occupy space asin the case of vinyl.

Other ideas that can help toenlarge the space visually and physically use it will be to choose light colorsfor decoration or to place furniture in dead space of the home as are thecorners or the top of the walls.