Ideas to hide the tiles

Probably if you get here is byone of these reasons: either you take a lot of years with the same decoration which has been completelyoutdated or you've moved to a rented house where you can not make reforms toremove those horrible and outdated tiles that go with your taste anything.

Well, you can rest assured as thedecorative possibilities today allow us to get in a easy and affordable, InInterior we tell you some good ideas, do not miss them!

When you need a cosmetic changeto renew rooms tiles bathroom andkitchen you are in a seemingly intractable situation, but the solutionseventually come from everywhere.

- Wall stickers: You can use them to provide a happy and fun to touchthose tiles earthquakes smooth walls or decorative borders to hide that one daywere the last (horizontal stripes with decorative motifs) but now they can ruinthe decoration. You can find the traditional versions but also other specialvinyl to cover these outdated borders by new vinyl latest models you'll findplenty of styles and motifs at very affordable prices.

- Magnetized panels: Large decorative surfaces (in a lot of patterns,colors, etc…), as those used for appliances. Because the furniture is notmagnetized, you must do this yourself by placing adhesive magnetic strip asOriginal Panel, the panels will be adapted to any space even with difficultcurves and corners.

Another good idea if the tilesare smooth (and still do not like) can be paint to give a touch to refresh andrenew the look of the room.