Separate environments of home with different soils

In home decor we find many timeswhen you combine different environments in the same room, this can occur fordifferent reasons, because sometimes we seek that union without partitions anddecorative option preferred and voluntary, and sometimes resort to she forcedby the necessity that compels us to the small space we have.

This latter case is given to usin photography today, where we can see how live in perfect harmony the kitchenand the living room, one of the most common joints that we have been seeing sofar. In this particular case the separation may well be determined by thatisland that makes cooking and table, something widely used and perfectlydefines the difference between the two spaces.

Since the exterior of the islandis also used as part of the kitchen because of its dual function of stove anddining table, the optical separation has been strengthened by changing thematerial that has coated the floor of the room. On the basis of a wooden floor,we can see clearly how the share of the kitchen is clearly separated by amarble floor that limits its size. One option that is as aesthetic andpractical.

By choosing this material notonly get an optical effect, but also we are giving the kitchen a floor thatwill suffer much less than wood, and cleaning and maintenance which are mucheasier to be marble. Thus we find a practical solution, lucid and helpful,which is what the end of the day we always look to when decorating any room inour home.