Decorate headboard wall

Much has changed since theoptions for decorating the bedroom only offer us the possibility to decoratethe wall of the bed with a headboard and the odd box. And luckily today we haveat hand a lot of ideas easy, affordable, modern and most original.

Do not hesitate then to give uptraditions and commitment to innovate in the space with some of the ideas thenyou leave.

If your idea is just get rid ofthis piece of bed and just leave the structure against the wall can giveprominence to the wall through these suggestions:

- Wallpaper: This is the paper that sticks to the wall in verticalstrips that must be perfectly aligned and smooth. The idea is to giveprominence to the wall, why not also save the expense of the headboard.

There are plenty of models withall kinds of styles, patterns and colors for each person to find the designthat goes with your taste and needs of the bedroom in particular.

- Vinyl or sticker : In a case like this (no headboard) and if thewall is smooth one of the best ideas is to buy one of these removable stickersdesigned specifically for this area (shaped like a tree, headboard, etc…). Asin the previous case there are many models on the market, although in this casewill be much cheaper.

- Fabrics:Some people simply do with a decorative cloth and how they can engage the wall(with pins, for example), but the fact is that this is a very inelegant. If youwant an attractive way, elegant and that you yourself can do at home thenconsider making your own fabric headboard with bar included to give a romanticand chic to the room