'Office' for kitchens of all sizes

This space for eating, workingand even socializing in the kitchen is already known popularly as 'office' is one of the dreams ofanyone, and do not only gain, a foothold is the most convenient but also helpscore points in the design of this space.

Do you think it is a privilege ofthe larger kitchens? Well you'rewrong, because today may find solutions to all spaces.

Here we leave the various types of office presented by size andspace tends to take for you to choose the one you like or that best suits yourkitchen:

- Folding table: It is ideal for smaller kitchens, and is that justoccupy your wall a few inches when folded and will be most useful when you openeither to carry out your meals (breakfast, dinner, etc...) or as a side tablefor cooking.

- Bar: They are practical and give a very modern touch to the decor.Being narrow and placed at a considerable height does not obstruct the passageor taking up too much space while the fact of not being too common place willmake your kitchen take a special and distinguished air.

- Island: The dream of manypeople is that an island can make the solution to many of our problems inspace. With them we gain a side table for eating or working, we can betterdistribute the different areas of the kitchen (water, fire, etc…), and alsoprobably win in storage space.

- Central Bureau: It's hard to get, and you need a huge kitchen for atable with chairs and that space is not too ornate or small. However, if youcan afford not hesitate for one second.