Recycled items to decorate your desk

 We gave you some ideas for decorating yourdesktop, a workplace that often do not pay attention to decorative level. Thismay be because the goal is to work space and ornament, but also may indirectly do not want to spend money buying itemsthat could not shine in this space .

 What would you say if you coulddecorate an original, practical and very economical this space? If you are interestedin attending the idea because we leave some unique ways to do it with recycledobjects.

You can create new and original ornamentsreusing bottles, cans, boxes and many other items you thought discard the ideasare very different!

- Boats for pencils: They can capture a wide variety of recycleditems, and the network is that we have seen ideas ranging from those made ​​oftin cans with pieces made ​​up the keyboard, floppy disks and even old phonebooks. You can take a look at the end of the article.

- Separation of documents: One of the most original ideas we'vefound, is that is thoroughly clean an old bird cage (of those high and wide),color paint more like and remove and add parts to separate your letters, notesor any kind of documents. You can also paint decorative and work an old fruitbox small or medium-sized to save your papers.

- Table: If you give a new look takes a very fine wood base, cover itwith old floppy disks of all colors and placed over a glass to achieve a smoothbase and very showy.

- Clocks: These are essential to control the time remaining tocomplete the task. As I had commented on a previous occasion, you can performthem with elements like the lid of a cardboard box or wood with a vinyl recordand even with an old frame.