Decoration to illuminate dark spaces

The spaces are too small areoften accompanied by poor lighting that makes some dark places and dark, aneffect that most try to avoid by all means possible in our home.

But how to turn a dark space in abright and cheerful. Here we are some tricks that will help visually modifyyour stay, just a matter of adapting your home!

These are some of the decorativekey to keep in mind:

- Colors: The light colors like white, beige and even the cake arethe best to open the space visually, making it more comprehensive and providethe light is distributed more and better at it. This should apply to anydecoration in general, from the walls to the furniture however this does notmean you can not have large color details in textiles, ornaments and even someof the walls.

- Materials: In addition to wood rather than light in color andmaterial concerns in these areas will appreciate other materials to helpmultiply the natural light such as plastic or glass. Can be used in furniture(cabinet doors, tables, desks, etc…), and other surfaces such as walls (glass shield)or doors, among others.

- Decoration: Cramming visually stay will be a total mistake, it willcontribute to subtract only space through which light can pass easily. Youshould attempt to moderate the number of elements and especially strengthenthose who may have a positive effect in space: The mirrors are a terrificexample, and is strategically placed to help reflect light and thus to promoteit in your rooms.

Finally, study very well thecharacteristics of the particular room and its uses (rest, study, relax, etc…),to plan the best points distribution artificial light.