Get a cool environment at home

We just released the spring, inone province in rain and snow, as well as others already are enjoyingtemperatures typical of summer. Spring and summer are two of the stationsexpected by many people as the days get longer, people can enjoy living outside,leisure moves to beaches and swimming pools. What happens is that noteverything will be advantages, and the biggest drawback is always heat, oftenunbearable.

Skip heat is something we badlymost. Heat at work, heat in the street, and we do not want it being hot at home.I think I'm right when I say that what we all seek is to get a cool environmentat home, take home the perfect temperature to allow us to relax and feel atease. Thus today we see some tips can help heat a little bit more bearable.

First, note that there are placeswhere the temperatures are so high that it is imperative to have a good systemof air conditioning. In these cases it is vital you have the windows closed, sothat only fresh air flows of the electrical apparatus. This may give you thegreatest sense of suffocation, but an open window allows the entry of warm air,preventing it may refresh any room.

Otherwise, you can open slightlybut keeping the blinds drawn, not entirely but enough to grants you shade.Remove carpets and change for winter fresh tissues or ignores them. In kitchensthat share space with the living room or dining room, it is important to have agood exhaust system to prevent hot gas concentrations. And do not forget thebedroom: Keep it in the shade all day to prevent heat build up you from sleep.Floor lamps illuminated with light that prevent plants from the ceiling.