Decorate children's furniture

The arrival of a baby always brings, and a great joy, a number ofexpenses that we can all face the same way. It is therefore essential to have awell organized and planned vision, that is, not get carried away both by themomentum of the moment and think for what we need when our baby furniture has passed, before long, achild.

This will avoid the feeling thatsometimes occurs realize purchasing a room that you give little use. One optionis to opt for buying children's furniture for the different phases , and toadapt their modules and functions in each stage of growth, but another option,and much more affordable, is that yourself (or you entrust someone) who childbecome a furniture you have purchased and is not listed for any specific age.

If parts of the base to buy anentire room in light wood, you haveendless possibilities to convert it, with a few details, child's bedroom. Youcan paint the boxes in bright colors, the classic Parcheesi, or you can buysheets with design drawings for children,as was done in this room, to which were added in vinyl whose main theme to thegnomes, and you can found with other proposals that you like more.

The application are very simple,durable, and with it you get all nights give it a very cozy and personal, you cancomplete with pictures, stuffed animalsand other decorative items more typical of infants. The big advantage is that,as of quality furniture, you have room for many years, and when your childreaches adolescence, simply sanding and a later painting to return to enjoy a fourth line with its new stage.