Practical ideas for the garden

With the desire that you hadreached the proper time to make the most of your garden, now you can not miss the opportunity to equip you witheverything you need to ensure a vacation like royalty without leaving home.

However, it is also true thatsummer is a time to enjoy and this is why it is best to avoid having to alwaysbe aware of the maintenance of this space.

In this sense, it is best to seekpractical elements and tools that require no more attention than necessary onour part. Take some of these ideas, and spend as you can for your store anduses the space from today!

1. Select materials that requirevisually aesthetic but little maintenance: Soil easily washable with water,wood flooring, synthetic grass flooring, resin furniture, etc….

2. Flavoring, add color tobrighten the space and environment: The plantsare a must in the garden, but we can not let your care we always bring copiesof head. Choose seasonal or perennial plants in your garden can be maintainedthroughout the years. Another option is artificial plants for the garden.

3. Think of the irrigationsystems more effective to your needs and characteristics of your garden.

4. The distribution of thedifferent areas is very important, so do not hesitate to make some sketches ofyour idea before you start decorating: Although smaller gardens integrate allspaces in one, the biggest is advisable to separate assembly area (type diningroom or living room) and rest area (sun loungers by the pool, for example).

5. The fabrics you use in spacemust be prepared to support the different climates and temporary. In thisregard, fabrics nautical borne moisture and sunlight are ideal.

6. In the pool we must also think of those products that make life easier:Robot pool cleaner, chlorine tablets for the maintenance of water or salinewater treatment plant (which require less time).